Engineering simulation software

ANSYS offers a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires. Organizations around the world trust ANSYS to provide accurate and cost effective simulation results on some amazing projects where success is the only goal. We have partnered with Ansys to allow us to push our technology firmly into the future. This is a MAJOR technical step forward for Alto performance. Now we can try our ideas out in virtual space with reliable and predictable results we can trust.


Dustoff! Bike Covers have been manufacturing motorcycle covers in the UK for over ten years, and know what fits what.


The Gazebo shop have sponsored us a brand new awning/race shelter. Printed with all the team and sponsor logos this is a fantastic step forward for the look of the team. A very professional quality shelter presented in a very professional package which is easy and quick to erect.


Glacern are suppliers of very high quality tooling and vices for machining applications. Perfect for accurate CNC machines and manufacturing. Shipping worldwide is fast and easy too.

KA Sensors

Manufacturers of specialist sensors for data logging/measurement and / or control systems.

Racing Batteries

Manufacturers of light weight lithium batteries for performance applications. Suppliers to Moto GP and many race teams.


Autodesk have given us two seats of the Inventor and Design software suite to help with the design and development of the bike.


Mahr provide workshop equipment.

PMA Group

PMA Group supplied the radiator cores for the new bike.

Radtec are an enthusiastic and highly skilled team of engineers well-known throughout all forms of motor-sport.  They have been supplying the industry for over twenty years with aluminium radiators & intercoolers.   We are delighted to have them helping us with some technically difficult solutions for our race bikes.

The best Tea is in your favourite oily mug, chatting with friends.   We approached Tetley Tea so we could continue our tradition of free tea in the paddock.     They were enthusiastic and so we have enough product  to let us all drink it all day in the workshop and at race days and never run out of our nations favourite tipple.    So if you are in the paddock and want a cuppa and a chat....come and find us.

 This innovative programme makes turning your designs into CNC language stunningly easy.    With its high specification but intuitive feel you will be up and running  any CNC machine quickly.      Nearly everything you see on our bikes is made using this programme.

crome creations provide our website design and development along with our email newsletters to keep everyone informed.


Ultimate ear protection manufacture and supply custom made hearing protection that can be used and worn comfortably in a variety of noisy environments. The Alto team use the monitor solution with built in microphone for clear radio communication in the heat of pit lane.

Talon supply race ready featherweight sprocket  sets for top flight racing or the road.  They also supply lightweight, high load, low friction,  race chains to drive them.


Smiths High Performance is a leading stockholder and supplier of high performance engineering materials. Most of a race bike is built using specialist materials so having a UK supplier is critical to any race team.


Sigma are the name in slipper clutches. Adjustable, reliable, and a direct replacement.

SFS Performance manufactures and distributes the worlds finest high performance silicone hoses designed to thrive on the high pressures and extreme temperatures.

With an outstanding racing pedigree, we are proud to be associated with Rock Oil. They have pledged full support, working as a partnership to further their motorcycle racing involvement.

Powerbronze have supplied a bespoke designed screen for the Vyrus generating one off molds using their own dedicated design team.

Oerlikon Balzers Coating is the worlds leading supplier of extremely thin, and extremely hard, performance enhancing coatings.

A dedicated load cell design and manufacturer, Novatech supply custom force and static torque sensors for rapid requirements. Supplying repeatable linier electrical output to compliment the temperature, motion, distance, and angle sensors already found on the bike.

Nitron shock absorbers combine outstanding performance with exquisite product design.  Whether for road or track, on two wheels or four, Nitron have the suspension kit that offers fade free operation lap after lap.

A UK company dedicated to making the finest Motorcycle rucksacks, luggage, helmet bags, and hydration packs available. Designed by bikers, for bikers, and backed up by a 10 year guaranty to prove it.

Hyperbolt have aluminium, stainless, and titanium nuts, bolts, and accessories that arent just about bright colours, but are about weight saving and durability.

Goodridge's kevlar brake and oil lines are as strong as steel braid but at a fraction of the weight, and their high pressure dry-break couplings are some of the smallest and lightest in the industry.

Manufacturers to Formula one and at all motorsport levels from header pipes to complete systems in stainless steel or exotic Inconel.  If you can dream it and convey it to them they can make it.   Top flight,  ultra skilled engineering in tube.

EBC supply brake pads and disks that supply initial bite when cold and yet give staying power when hot.

The most important part of any race bike is the part that generates grip on the floor. With the latest triple compound tyres, we hope to continue in the race winning way to which Alto performance and Dunlop are accustomed.

Dymag are the highest regarded wheel manufacturer in the business, with road and track wheels in aluminium, magnesium, and carbon. Their knowledge of carbon composites, casting, and forging, in high stress applications is now so large that they have branched out into design, analysis, and testing of all manor of products.

The wiring harness is an often overlooked source of weight gain, especially as things start to get complex with hundreds of sensors. The Deutsch Autosport range of interconnects are the only solution being ultra light, ultra compact even with 40 pins, and ultra secure with bayonet fitting.

Europes leading independent supplier of maintenance, repair and operations products.    Team Alto always use the best paddock and workshop equipment available. Cromwells vast range of industiral equpment and Kennedy tooling meets that need.

The motorsport and technology department at Cranfield University is at the world forefront of automotive technology . Working with post graduate students Alto performance projects have already undergone lengthy analysis,  from engine case stresses and aerodynamic solutions to airbox and material solutions.  We are proud of our links to such a great establishment and it gives us a great technological partner.

There is no point in having the finest disks, pads, and brake lines, without the finest billet calipers and master cylinders to go on them.

Beowulf are a true UK manufacturers of Exhaust link pipes and silencers.   They also make radiator covers and a range of other goodies.   Have a look at their website and tell us you cant find something you want.

Race team and builder of the bikes you see here at the website.     Products for motorcycle road and racing performance will soon be available.