Superbike Technology 2013


The current block is based on a late model Ducati 1098rs engine to allow to continue developing our hub centre steered chassis but with a lot more power.

Why not use the Panigale engine?   This engine has been designed to be in a completely different chassis and has different power characteristics.  It has different mounting points too.   We do not feel we need to re engineer EVERYTHING for the sake of fashion.   The power plant in our bikes is just that at the moment…..just a power plant and the 1098rs engine puts out plenty of power.   Spares and parts are plentiful for the older platform engines and relatively cheap too.   It makes a lot of sense to use this technology.

We have a conservative 1098s engine (160bhp ) for the initial phase to ensure the bike handles and works well and then the 1098rs engine 190 – 210bhp for full competition.

  • This engine will only be installed once we are happy with the handling.
    1098cc water cooled 90 degree Vee twin.
    Ported and gas flowed head and intake manifolds
    Larger bore fuel injector bodies using uprated injectors for a better spray pattern Bespoke high compression pistons
  • Replacement conrods
  • Oerlikon Balzer DLC coated cams, desmodromic system, gudgeon pins, valves, and gearbox
  • Lightened crankshaft with dynamic balance.
  • NGK Spark plugs and lambda sensors.
  • Aluminium flywheel – custom made
  • Sigma performance slipper clutch
  • Ultra close ratio gearbox – factory option and 1 we have made in house.
  • Electric water pump, pumping through SFS silicon hoses to Rad tech built 4 off radiators. High pressure fuel pump.

Airbox (carbon fibre) with a completely straight, and wide, intake path from the point of peak pressure .

  • This design is the result of a partnership between Alto performance and an Msc thesis with Cranfield University and contains some very interesting pressure wave technology. This technology is subject to a full non disclosure agreement as we think it may be a major break though in airbox technology.


  • Nitron titanium spring shocks front and rear with high and low speed damping for compression and rebound. These British built products are state of the art large piston high flow/displacement.
  • New double omega design frame with adjustable swing arm pivots. Rear swing arm fabricated from 1mm aluminium plate
  • Steering angle adjustable from 15° to 21° in less than 20seconds We normally run at the lower end of the scale.
  • Trail adjustable from 80mm to 105mm in seconds
  • Short wheelbase which remains constant in all conditions.
  • Dymag bespoke carbon fibre 5 spoke wheels front and back
  • Braking forces directed horizontally into the frame via link brake system.
  • 2 link steering system
  • EBC 320mm or 280mm fully floating X-Type disks Depends on track
  • 6 point light weight square drive technology. This means a stable brake and no disk warp no matter how hot everything gets.
  • Goodridge kevlar braided hydraulic brake lines joined to the calipers through Goodridge G Link quick release bayonet connectors.
  • Lightweight carbon-fibre race bodywork. Custom designed to take full advantage of our unique frontal area benefits. You will not see another fairing this narrow.
  • One off Alto Performance rear set foot peg controls. Machined from 7075 – T6 Alloy and anodised.
  • 525 race chain, down from 530, running on ultra lightweight Talon sprockets Hyperbolt titanium and alloy bolts and fixtures
    Bespoke double bubble screen by Powerbronze
  • One off Inconel headers hand crafted by Good fabrications. These are works of art and incorporate our own tuned lengths and our unbalanced gas technology used to great advantage on the first bike.
  • Silencers – super Light weight titanium manufactured by Beowulf


  • Magneti-Marelli fully programmable ECU
    Including, Traction control, multi map facilities and diagnostic capabilities.
  • We will expand more what we are doing here at a later stage. There is a lot of new technology we are introducing.
  • One off hand built wiring harness split at key points using Deutsch high density Autosport Connectors to allow the entire front of the bike to be removed in seconds as a single unit.
  • Aerospace grade wire and fittings, used for weight saving and strength .The use of this wire can save 1lbs in weight.
  • 2Khz logger with CAN bus connection to log up to 200 channels as well 30 other loggable external digital or analogue channels.
  • NGK 6 wire wide band O2 exhaust sensors
    Digitek dashboard with completely programmable multi page display. 2 Channel Knock Sensor
  • Travel sensors by Variohm on the front and rear shock, pressure sensors on the front and rear brake, infrared tyre temp sensors on 3 points on the rear wheel, and a non-contact angular sensor on the gearbox shaft to determine gear position.

More specification will be released as and when we feel it is appropriate so if this are interests you keep coming back every so often once we start racing.


Front Wheel – a quick study.

The front wheel is uniquely innovative. Instead of employing the classic fork, it is a technologicaly advanced aluminium central hub that means the wheel pivots on the spindle. This separates the steering system from the damping system to offer perfect handling in all situations. It also means the trail and the steering angle remain constant in all conditions creating more neutral front wheel handling when cornering and a more constant braking sensation. The steering concept is possible thanks to the DiFazio System created by the English designer in the 1970’s. Anti dive is also a by product as the brake and forces are removed from the suspension and instead are transferred into a more central area on the bike. We can using the brake anchor points make the bike dive, be neutral or rise under braking.

Shown above is the original DiFazio system which we have modernized and updated to suit modern materials and performance needs.


Using this system we can run what would normally be considered EXTREME angles for the steering geometry. 15 – 17 degree being normal unlike a conventional forked bike with 21 deg plus.
We can make the bike very stable but easy to turn also.