There are dozens of people who put in time and effort to the Alto project, as well as wives, girlfriends, business partners, and loyal fans of Alto performance (and there are a fair few of them).   We strive hard to be the best team that we can be.

In all race teams everyone has multiple jobs, with the likes of Ferrari using the cook to hang out the pit board. We are no different, and typically the nearest person to the tyre warmers gets to take them off.

Strength and depth of skill allows us to be the team that we are, and more importantly a keenness to constantly improve through scrutinizing every detail of design, build, prep, and race.


Martin CooperMartin CooperRider

Martin is from Westfield, East Sussex. He started racing off road with his father's help from an early age doing moto cross and trials. Martin only started road racing in 2001 but by 2007 had already won his first national championship. He has ridden most things from relatively normal R6 Yamaha Supersport bikes and Suzuki SV650 to more exotic bikes like Ducati 748 and specialist framed Tigcraft super mono's (big single cylinder engines in super lightweight frames). He has won on all these bikes. This made him perfect for us. He has a race and championship pedigree but more importantly he can ride and understand different bikes. He is a massive asset in developing the RAGE. Martin likes anything Dangerous so parachuting and children are also in his life. Jessica and Harry will be coming along to keep him on his toes and make sure he has plenty of support.



Ben ShaughnessyBen ShaughnessyTechnical Director & Team Principal

The most experienced member of the team. Ben has had 20 years racing experience. During which time he has personally designed and built race engines, and running an engineering company has design and built parts for many top teams. His educated input into all aspects of racing will govern our level of success.

Aarron ShaughnessyAarron ShaughnessyTelemetry, Mechanic & Technician

Having supported brother Ben through his racing career at all levels, Aarron will bring experience and technical expertise to the team. Coupled with his knowledge of the programmable fuel injection systems, development should be efficient and swift.

Dave StoddartDave StoddartWiring, Electrics & GDB

Our resident electronic engineer, he can produce much lighter, simpler (and therefore more reliable) wiring harnesses in house.

Paul ChappellPaul ChappellPit Crew

Our mechanical engineer. Schooled by Honda, and now aiding us in the pits on race day. Race preparation, bike maintenance, and crash repair all fall into his remit.


Support Staff

Wendy StoneWendy ShaughnessyHospitality

Getting everyone to a location on time, and make sure they don't die of starvation when they get there, are two of the most important jobs there are in a race team. When you have a team of 9 to keep running, having a dedicated person allows the operation to run smoothly, and let others concentrate on fulfilling there roles.

Chris WithamWebsite and Digital Comms

The new kid on the block, Chris looks after the race website and our eCommunications, both essential tools to keep our fans updated and get our sponsors names out there.

Melissa CoombesMelissa ChappellTiming & Radios

Rider feedback can give a lot of information, and sensor readings can enlighten even further, but in the end comparing sector times to other riders is more than just looking at figures, especially when the circuit supplied transponder data is slow or unavailable. Radio communication is also paramount when trying to leave tricky tire choices to the last second.

Julian SilverthorneJulian SilverthornePhotographer & GDB

Never one to miss an opportunity with his telephoto lense, Jules could be described as our remote observer. Having a man free to scour the further reaches of a race track, and compare rider and bike capabilities is an invaluable tool.