Cagiva Technology

Cagiva RacingEngine

  • 996cc 90degree V-Twin, based on the Suziki TL1000S engine
  • 4 valve / Cylinder
  • 11500 RPM red line, normally used between 7,000 – 10,000RPM
  • 1 Piece race crankshaft, lighter and stronger than stock, made in house
  • Kent cams – sponsored special profile
  • One off flywheel made in house with a revised trigger system to suit the needs of the race Marrelli control system
  • Modified cam covers for extra sensors and breathers
  • Modified cam drive system
  • Oil ways opened out where required
  • Modified valve guides, collets and springs….for safer high revs
  • One-off special larger valves
  • Gas flowed head
  • Twin injectors per cylinder, shower injection for high speed, side injection for low speed
  • Champion race spark plug


  • Steel trellis frame
  • Forks revalved and resprung.
  • Peugeot scooter rear…..mounted on a one off rear brake torque arm.
  • Quick action throttle.
  • Revised rear linkage for the shock, raises the rear and gives better adjustment
  • One off special rear seat unit (light weight carbon fibre) with F1 quick release fittings
  • One off special nose fairingĀ  (light weight carbon fibre) with F1 quick release fittings
  • Engine armour in Kevlar
  • Lightweight dymag wheels (wets / Slicks and Intermediates)
  • Showa 998 front end, re-valved to suit
  • Triple clamp fork yokes for extra front end strength
  • Dual EBC / Brembo disks and callipers with 19ps race master cylinder
  • Goodridge kevlar braded hydraulic brake lines
  • Lightweight carbon-fibre race bodywork
  • One off special carbon-fibre ram air intake
  • Special fuel tank (ram air)
  • Brembo race levers
  • Lengthened swing arm
  • Penske rear race shock absorber
  • One off Alto Performance rear set foot pegs
  • 520 race chain, from 530
  • Renthal rear sprockets
  • Peugeot scooter rear brake!
  • Titanium and alloy bolts and fixtures
  • Race carbon fibre belly pan
  • Single bubble screen, manufactured specially by one of our sponsors
  • Titanium High level exhaust system, manufactured by BlueFlame
  • One-off header-pipes in titanium by Fabrication Techniques (Foggy Petronas etc)

Cagiva RacingElectronics

  • Magneti-Marelli MAR600 fully programmable ECU
  • One off hand built wiring harness using amp and Lemo Aerospace connectors.Aero space grade wire and fittings, used for weight saving and strength.The use of this wire can save 1lbs in weight.
  • Full removable harness and sensors for data logging. This allows us to log:
    Anything on the CAN line direct into the ECU ( temp, throttle position, air temp, riders bum cheeks….you get the picture)
    Motec Wide Band O2 sensor (using a NGK 6 wire exhaust sensor)
    Wheel speed both front and rear
    Brake pressure
    Suspension travel.
    In fact if it gives a voltage, pulse, or turns on and off, we can log it.
  • MT940 dashboard is ready to fit which will improve the riders display and help cut down on some of the wiring running from the front of the bike.