The Super Bike Project


2013 Superbike

Cadwell MountainThis is Stage 2 of our journey.   Essentially a test bike we will race this higher performance package and make sure our designs for aerodynamics and enhanced handling are not only sound in computer land but also in the real world.


We have a lot to test!

  • New airbox with a completely original design with our new springwave  technology.
  • New rear swingarm and suspension system.
  • New chassis and front fork design
  • Higher engine performance out put
  • Simply tons of new electronics to measure and enhance performance.
  • Aero dynamic package (fairing) with downforce technology.
  • Completely New design and enhanced radiator and cooling package.
  • New brake ideas (with eventually our own calipers).  expected mid – Late 2013.

We are confident that most will work with a little tweaking but some of the ideas we have are so cutting edge we are struggling to find materials or technology to make them from.

Open forum

If you have an idea you think would interest or help us…and you are interested in having a chat then contact us and lets see if we can incorporate it.    This is not about money it is about technology and pushing boundaries and fun too.

Exploring engineering…..for its own sake.

Ben and Aarron Shaughnessy 

Alto performance – moving technology – 2012.