MV Agusta Racing

Read and Ago MVAgusta

Phil Read, 8 times world champion (left), and Giacomo Agostini, 15 times world champion, with our race MV.


Who wouldn’t want to race the most beautiful bike in the world. An engine designed by Ferrari, and a chassis designed by Tamburini. Dripping with quality components it also happens to be supremely aerodynamic ….

…. which is just as well because the radial valved engine, although an excellent attempt, was not up to the competition, which is where Alto Performance came in.

The nice thing about 4 cylinder bikes is that they are relatively easy to tune. Our first foray into the engine producing 136 rear wheel hp (147hp at the crank).
We changed the cam timing. Gas flowed the head extensively. We changed the valves for some we made ourselves with DLC coatings from Oerlikon Balzers to reduce friction and make it rev even harder to 14500rpm. Also changing the valves to a different cap and collets to stop the famous “drop in” these engine can occasionally suffer from.

Then as we started to get serious a change in World Superbike rules left the 750cc engine without a racing home. 1000cc fours producing over 175bhp at the time, and more now, meant we could not compete.

After a year racing a 750cc twin against 1000cc twin, we knew that the MV race project was dead in the water until the mythical 1000cc MV engine came into being. Although still in the stable it remains a still born project. Still very quick….but not quick enough.